You’ve heard of SEO and almost everyone who are successful online will tell you that you need SEO but how can SEO help your business and do you really need it? Business, whether you have a physical store or not, can really monetise the internet with the right SEO strategy and SEO company Sydney services can help and guide you to your success.


Search engine optimisation or SEO means using different strategies to help improve the position of your website on “organic” search results. For example you’re looking for musical instruments, the first website you see and other website below means they are leading the market and people visit and become a customer. That is the goal of SEO. The better SEO you have, the easier your audience can find you.


SEO can help your business in many different ways such as online visibility, improved website traffic and better salves conversion, all you need to do is understand it. All kind of businesses benefit with SEO. Small business have the chance to compete against big companies online and these big companies can also improve their relevance to their customers. Anyone can really benefit.


But how can you improve your SEO? Well, it’s not as easy as we make it sound. There are many factors such as keywords, keyword density, which platform, optimisation and more. The best and safest tip is to create relevant content that your audience will want to read and share it. Relevant content means posts or blogs that can help your readers. Google cares about what the readers need so they rank content that are best helpful. You can rank high here using a smart keyword strategy.


Besides that, your content should be clear and friendly. Hard selling is no longer effective and consumers no longer respond positively to is, so create content that they need. It also has to be original or valuable content to help boost your ranking.

This may all sound confusing but to your outsourced SEO Consultants Sydney services, this is perfect. Hiring experts means they can manage and make sure that the content is search engine friendly and optimized.

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Are you making this Number 1 SEO Mistake?

To many people SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is like black magic, difficult to understand with most of the effort unseen by site owners and little explanation provided of what they are doing.

In many cases customers do not believe it works at all due to poor performance of a campaign, empty promises from unscrupulous service providers who do not provide accurate reports on the tasks competed.

And although it is true there are many specialist tasks completed by SEO Consultant Sydney that are behind the page content such as META Data, Page descriptions and Anchor Links and all the off page activities such as article submissions, back links and directory submissions, it is not the SEO tasks being completed where most people make the number 1 SEO Mistake resulting in failure to get the traffic you wanted.

No, the number 1 SEO mistake is much more fundamental than that and is often the result of rushing into a campaign where you have been sold “fool’s gold” in the form of 20, 50, 100 keywords SEO for some ridiculously cheap amount.

The number 1 SEO Mistake made by most companies is a lack of:

Keyword Research and Market Analysis.

It seems so simple but without taking to time to really find out where your customers are, the keywords they are using to search for your products or services and identifying the competition on those keywords in relation to your budget than more often than not you are going to fail.

As mentioned earlier this is often a side effect of SEO Consultants offering a large number of keywords for your budget as a means to make their services seem more attractive or better value, when in reality they are diminishing your returns by avoiding the necessary effort to target your audience and spreading their effort to thin to be effective.

Its what we call the “throw shit and see if it sticks strategy” it very rarely does.

Most SEO companies will perform a standard amount of tasks and write a set amount of content for your dollar budget. Ideally you need at least 2 blogs, 1 article PLUS a host of other tasks PER Keyword PER Month to get results, but we see this same amount of content being produced but for over 10 or 20 Keywords, this approach will never bear fruit.

Number 1 SEO Mistake

For example:

Number 1 SEO Mistake

If I am a plumber I might engage SEO services for my website on the keyword “plumbing”

Now there may be 10,000 searches per month on this keyword which would make you think Awesome.

However, this generic keyword will most probably have a high level of competition from other plumbers, will return results for people also searching for non-service related items like plumbing supplies, plumbing job listings, plumbing training, or plumbing news even. So we see putting energy into this keyword will do nothing but burn the budget on the effort and likely have a very low conversion rate.

So we do some research and identify where your customers are..  Say “Sydney”, or even more specifically if the search quantity is there “Rockdale” then define your product or service so that only Qualified Leads are generated by adding “Services” or “Emergency” to the keyword phrase.

So now we have a long tail keyword phrase “Emergency Plumber Rockdale” that may have only 500 searches per month, but the competition for this keyword is low meaning we will build your page rank quickly, all people searching for this keyword are real customers looking for exactly your services so the conversion rate of visitors to customers will be very high and we will see excellent return on your SEO investment.

100 out of 500 is much better than 10 out of 10,000.

Its actually that simple, but without taking the time to sit down with an SEO Consultant Sydney Expert and do the research, understand where your customers are, understand your business and then wisely allocate your budget into targeted, market specific keywords than you run the all too common risk of wasted effort, wasted money and poor results from your SEO Campaign.

To learn more about SEO Keyword Research or to get a FREE SEO Consultation from your local Sydney SEO expert call 1300 308 799, visit our Facebook or complete the form below and one of our team will contact you shortly.


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You’ve heard it a couple of times but is there really content marketing importance to improve on your business’ success. Despite other people’s skepticism about content marketing, SEO experts Sydney have proven how effective content is to monetise your business website. Today, if you don’t have any relevant content on your website then your visitors will just ignore your website and look for other websites that can offer more.

Content Marketing by definition is a strategic marketing strategy solely focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience. And also, attract them to create a purchase. This marketing is quite valuable as it has created a legit method of increasing traffic and sales. Consult SEO experts Sydney to know more.  This is not just about posting what you like but posting relevant content that your target audience will want to read and eventually have.

Why Content Marketing Is Important

SEO experts Sydney

Because it matters to your consumers/readers/audience.  People nowadays prefer to read something that they want or need. And they have also developed a strong resistance against “hard sell.” They make research now look for reviews and better choices. They study what they buy over the internet.

They look for good content that can help them make decisions by they don’t like being sold items while reading. Consumers are less responsive to traditional advertising and old-school sales tactics. You have lesser chances if your content or website starts with “Buy This, “We are The Best.” They prefer content that starts with “how-to’s”, “why is this better,” while including what you are selling without “selling” it. This might sound confusing but SEO Consultants Sydney know and understand this. Outsourcing them for your website can greatly improve your website’s importance to readers and improve visibility on search engines.

SEO experts Sydney

With their help, you can improve your control and lead your market. Remember, the better your content is the more your readers will stay with you. Social media has become the digital word-of-mouth. A great content can be easily shared and go viral that can greatly affect your business and profit.


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